What is Functional Training?

This terms gets thrown around a lot in the Personal Training world, and it isn’t always used in the same way. So, let me tell you how functional training applies in my business.

Mayo Clinic website states, “Functional fitness exercises train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports. While using various muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time, functional fitness exercises also emphasize core stability.” – Mayo Clinic Website

I train my clients in patterns that replicate daily life movements. I train you do do over head movements because you do this in daily life. I train you do to low lifting because every time you pick up a bag this what you are doing. I train you to stand upright to off set your slouchy computer posture. I train you to bend and engage so that you can put your socks on without throwing out your back. If you tell me you play golf then I will use motions that replicate a golf swing such as the axe chop exercise. My technique is to apply all exercises that replicate and strengthen movements you make in your every day life. And to NOT waste your time with exercises like sit ups, which are honestly not a motion we do in daily life. Plus, there are far more effective multi muscle exercises to target the core.

Functional Exercises

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You may say you don’t like to do squats and don’t want to do them.

I would say to you, how to do get down on the toilet? How do you pick up that Costco box? How do you get up from and down on the couch?

Dead Lifts

You may tell me you don’t want to do dead lifts cause that’s what body builders do.

I would say, how do you load the dishwasher? How do you push the vacuum? How do you open the bottom drawer on the dresser? How do you pick up items from the floor?

Overhead Press

You may may ask me why you need to do shoulder presses, because you don’t want those big bulging shoulder muscles.

I would ask you, how do you put the dishes away in the upper cupboard, or how do you place stuff on the upper linen cupboard shelves? How do you lift up your child or grandchild and play with them?

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