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Do I have to have equipment to work out at home?

You do not have to have equipment to establish a home workout plan. I am able to develop a body weight regime for you. As you progress you may find you want to invest in some resistance bands, free weights, a TRX, trampoline or step up etc, but that will be up to you to decide.

Can I use your workout routines at a gym?

Absolutely. If you prefer to train in a gym versus at home I can develop a plan suitable for a gym setting. The only limitation to me coming into your gym to develop your plan and work through it with you is whether your gym allows for outside trainers, which not all do. You can ask your facility or check their website. As an alternative, we can meet at a gym that allows for outside trainers to come in, and you will need to pay the daily fee to the gym.

Do I need to be somewhat fit to start training?

Absolutely not. I train people of all different fitness levels. If you find yourself at the most unfit you’ve ever been, I look forward to helping you turn that around. If you suffer from medical conditions or injuries you may be required to provide written medical consent to train before your sessions can begin.

Can I train if I have a medical condition?

All medical condition need to be disclosed to the trainer during consultation or when they become diagnosed. Some medical conditions may only require extra caution during training. However, some other medical conditions may require you to provide written medical authorization from a licensed physician acknowledging that you are allowed to train. Medical questionnaires and forms will be provided to you after your free consultation.

Do I have to train with you multiple times a week?

I do offer this service and for some it’s what they prefer, but it’s not for everyone. Many of my clients work out on their own with their personal plan that I’ve developed for them. We then meet every 2-4 weeks for an hour session to update their routine.

Do I have to do the Assessment session?

Yes. I don’t develop a training plan for anyone before I identify their capabilities and limitations. Some trainers may just hand you a training schedule the first time you meet them in person. I don’t believe that’s the best or safest way to proceed. I want to be able to know you can perform a proper squat before I just tell you to do them. Because, if you can’t do a proper squat I will give you exercises to teach you how to develop the form necessary for a squat. Your money is well spent on my services because I build my plans to exactly what your body needs. I will build you up based on where I identify your needs to be, and where your goals lead us to. I believe this method is the best way to get you to the end results you want without causing new issues or injuries.

The only exception to this rule is for individuals who have a pre designed fitness plan, and who want to meet for a one time consult to assess their technique and form while performing that routine.

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