I offer a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? Below you will find an outline of what my services include and a link to package and pricing options.

Actualize Personal Training Victoria BC #ActualizePT


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Actualize Personal Training Victoria BC #ActualizePT


I start every plan with a 2 session program, each session is 90 minutes long. During session 1 we will discuss goals, barriers, and plans. This is also when a 25 point physical assessment is completed. It will assess the engagement of muscles, determine any imbalances in body composition and alignment, check for any range of motion limitations, and identify areas that require additional caution. You will be guided through a number of movements to perform the assessment. During session 2 I will instruct you through your personalized fitness program, and share with you the results of your assessment.

Actualize Personal Training Victoria BC #ActualizePT

Personal Training Programs

I offer programs that support one on one coaching several times a week. Or, I offer coaching programs that set you up with an initial program and provide reassessments and updates every 3-6 weeks. Click here for more info Package Options and Pricing

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Actualize is to represent realistically.

Be true to you, do not seek to imitate others.

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