Package Options and Pricing

As of February 1, 2023 I am NOT taking any new clients

Whether you are a couch potato or an elite athlete, everyone can benefit from personal training. You will get an exercise program designed to fit your needs!

Client Perks

Access to images that guide you through stretches.

Access to images and videos to guide you through exercises.

Access to Personal Trainer via email, for any concerns or questions you may have.

Education on how to breath properly while working out.

Education on how to engage the core properly and effectively.

Package options

In Person training available.

Starter 2 session Package – 90 minutes sessions

This package is for all levels. This is how I start training with all new clients. These two 90 minute sessions allow me the opportunity to connect with you, and clearly understand your goals. Session 1 will provide me the in-depth information I need to develop a plan that is specifically designed for you and your body.

The sessions will include the following in addition to strength training:

Postural Analysis, with exercises designed to correct muscle imbalance.

Stretching Program to increase your mobility, improve posture and help relieve aches and pains associated with tight muscles and muscle imbalance.

Abdominal Strengthening. Weak abdominal muscles can cause back pain, lymphatic problems, headaches and bad posture.

The first session: 90 minutes

  • I will analyze your present fitness level and activity level
  • I will do postural assessments and range of motion assessments.  This evaluates any muscle or skeletal shifts and imbalances.  I will guide you through movements on zoom on in person, and I will observe any restrictions or imbalances.
  • We will discuss goals
  • We will discuss medical condition or limitations
  • We will discuss eating habits and food choices. I am not a dietitian or nutritionist but can provide some general tools and tips.

The second session: 90 minutes

  • I will provide you with a work out plan made specifically for you, based on my findings from the first session.
  • I will plan with you how to incorporate daily fitness and workouts into your life.
  • You will learn several fun exercises that you can do at home or in a gym.
  • I will work through a set of the exercises with you to ensure you understand the proper form and technique.

$195 for the 2 sessions

Maintenance Plans – 60 Minute sessions

Once you are on the right track following our 2 session plan, you can schedule maintenance sessions to help keep you there. The maintenance plans are priced per session or in bundles.  I can work out with you on a weekly basis.  Or, you can take a more independent approach and we can meet up every 3-6 weeks and I will provide you with a new updated workout plan to keep you progressing.

Maintenance Program Cost: 60 minutes sessions

Single session: $70.00

3 sessions: $200.00

Gym fees are not included, including drop in fees for sessions.

One time consult of work out routine

If you are someone that is just looking for a one time consultation I provide that service too. This consultation will not include the full gamete of assessments I do during my 2 session plan. However, if you are wanting me to look over your work out plan and provide feedback I can do that in this session. Or, if you are looking for someone to watch you do your workout and provide guidance and tips on form and technique I can do that.


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