Those days when you just can’t…

Today is day 6 of a mix of migraines and tension headaches for me. I’m nearly positive they are due to the high winds and pressure changes we are going through, but the cause doesn’t make the pain any less. While it’s temping to just lay down and not move, I know that’s not the solution for today.  If I lay down then other things will flair up, my back with ache, my neck will ache, my fatigue will turn into a depressive mood, and it will be impossible to find positivity for the day.  So instead I try to stay slightly active while not increasing my blood pressure too much.  Today I wont pump weights, or any cardio workout.  But, it’s important to remain slightly active even when you feel like you want to just burrow away.  Moving the blood around your body pumps out build ups in the blood stream, it brings oxygen into the blood supply, it reduces the likelihood of; clots, muscle cramps, and constipation.   So even when you feel just terrible, do yourself a favor and promise to get up and move for at least 30-60 minutes that day.  Every day wont be a workout day, but every day should always have some movement. I suffer through set backs just like every one else, and I’ve learnt it’s so important to find a healthy balance between cutting your body a break, and encouraging it to stay active to promote health and healing. And above all STAY HYDRATED!

Actualize Personal Training, Victoria BC #ActualizePT

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