Actualize Personal Training – Does pain stop you from being Active?

Does Pain stop you from being as active as you want to be? With my full body assessment I’m able to look at your body and identify if there are muscle strength imbalances, tight muscles, inappropriate tracking, Range of Motion limitations etc. All things that can lead to pain in our body. When you thinkContinue reading “Actualize Personal Training – Does pain stop you from being Active?”

Actualize Personal Training – Vitamin D

For some of us Winter is coming to an end, for others there’s still a few more months of it in the forecast. But, regardless of our winter status there is one thing way too many individuals struggle with in the winter, LOW or Deficient in vitamin D. I personally run under the norm andContinue reading “Actualize Personal Training – Vitamin D”

It’s about the WHY – Actualize Personal Training

I asked one of my client the other day, what is one of the things who’ve appreciated most about how I train you? She said, “It’s the WHY”. You explain to me WHY my body is doing something. You explain to me WHY that’s not the best way for it to move. You explain WHYContinue reading “It’s about the WHY – Actualize Personal Training”

How to Start Working out and Stick to it

I was reading a great article today and thought I’d share. When I talk to people about working out often their primary concern is sticking with it. It’s a problem nearly everyone faces at some point. This article has some great tips about how to get started with working out and how to stick withContinue reading “How to Start Working out and Stick to it”

Actualize Personal Training – Hypermobility

Today’s post is one that relates to personal experiences I’ve had. I suffer from joint hypermobility in nearly every joint. Those that have caused me the most issues are my shoulder (rotator cuff), my hips (SI joints), my knees, and my wrists. Over the years I’ve owned a brace for each of these joints becauseContinue reading “Actualize Personal Training – Hypermobility”

The unspoken P words, Pelvic Prolapses

Pelvic Prolapse, what a beast…want to reduce pain and get fit? It’s still possible. If you don’t know what Pelvic Prolapses are then lets take a second to define them. Pelvic Prolapse can happen to any woman, at any age. To women who have had children, and to women who haven’t. Now most cases ofContinue reading “The unspoken P words, Pelvic Prolapses”

Those days when you just can’t…

Today is day 6 of a mix of migraines and tension headaches for me. I’m nearly positive they are due to the high winds and pressure changes we are going through, but the cause doesn’t make the pain any less. While it’s temping to just lay down and not move, I know that’s not theContinue reading “Those days when you just can’t…”

It makes me feel great when my clients feel great!

“I’m totally sold on Actualize and Camille’s training after 3 months of working with her! I’m a female over 65 who’s stayed rather fit for most of her life but as I aged, my changing body became a bit of a challenge. So I turned to Camille for help. And boy did she help! SheContinue reading “It makes me feel great when my clients feel great!”

Is the cost of a Personal Trainer stopping you?

I’d say over 50% of the time when I ask people what makes them hesitate to hire a personal trainer they say COST. And that answer is twofold, either they think $65 for an hour with a personal trainer is too much for their budget, or they think $65 for an hour with a personalContinue reading “Is the cost of a Personal Trainer stopping you?”