How to Start Working out and Stick to it

I was reading a great article today and thought I’d share. When I talk to people about working out often their primary concern is sticking with it. It’s a problem nearly everyone faces at some point. This article has some great tips about how to get started with working out and how to stick with it.

“Whether you’re a pro athlete or just starting to exercise regularly, there are days when we all need a little bit of extra motivation to suit up. Here are a few tips for when you’re tired, it’s cold and rainy, or you had the most frustrating day at work.” *

1. Find a Workout You Enjoy and Look Forward To

2. Pick Workouts That You’re Good At

3. Put It on Your Calendar as You Would Any Other Appointment

4. Break Up Your Workout Into Shorter Spurts

5. Having a Long-Term Goal Is Important, but So Is Setting Mini-Goals

6. Work Out in the Morning and Get It out of the Way

7. Always Carry Workout Clothes

8. Have a ‘Plan B’ Workout

9. Play Some Music to Keep Your Energy Up“*

If you’d like to read more about each tip take a read over the linked website.


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