It’s about the WHY – Actualize Personal Training

I asked one of my client the other day, what is one of the things who’ve appreciated most about how I train you? She said, “It’s the WHY”. You explain to me WHY my body is doing something. You explain to me WHY that’s not the best way for it to move. You explain WHY you are going to suggest a particular exercise. And, you explain WHY you think this exercise will help me.

She explained that she is so much more motivate to keep up with her exercise routines when she can understand the importance of the exercises, and can understand the results we hope to achieve. She said it encourages her to believe things can get better and feel better when I explain to her why her body may not be performing at it’s best, and when I explain how we can get it performing better.

For some the WHY might not matter. For others, it can be extra push needed to stick with it. My starter package that includes 2, 90 minutes sessions is how I get the answers to the WHY’s. During my 60 minute assessment I piece together how to get you from A to B, and figure out why you may have ended up at Z instead of B.

So what makes me different than other trainers? In this clients opinion it’s the WHY.

I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to do cartwheels, but there is something to be said for how proper body alignment affects the outcome of your cartwheel. #ActualizePT

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