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For some of us Winter is coming to an end, for others there’s still a few more months of it in the forecast. But, regardless of our winter status there is one thing way too many individuals struggle with in the winter, LOW or Deficient in vitamin D.

I personally run under the norm and come in deficient in Vitamin D fairly often when they check my levels. And, if I’m being honest with myself it’s whenever I start slacking on taking my Vitamin D supplement, or when I’m not taking a high enough dose. Lately I did a little more research into what Vitamin D deficiencies can look like and I was interested to find a wide variety of symptoms that it can cause.

8 Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency

1. Getting Sick or Infected Often
2. Fatigue and Tiredness
3. Bone and Back Pain
4. Depression
5. Impaired Wound Healing
6. Bone Loss
7. Hair Loss
8. Muscle Pain *

While many articles will state that you should take 400-800IU as an adult there’s much research that also supports this being NOT enough. My local province provides a write up of what the recommended daily intake is and what the Upper level Intake is. These 2 values are pretty far apart at 400 IU vs 4000IU. It’s worth talking to your doctor about testing your levels and making sure you are taking enough Vitamin D supplement to keep you in a healthy range. Health Link BC – Getting enough Calcium and Vitamin D

Just keep in mind that Vitamin D runs lower in everyone when we don’t see the sunshine so much.

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