Actualize Personal Training – Does pain stop you from being Active?

Actualize Personal Training, Victoria BC, Personal Trainer #ActualizePT

Does Pain stop you from being as active as you want to be?

With my full body assessment I’m able to look at your body and identify if there are muscle strength imbalances, tight muscles, inappropriate tracking, Range of Motion limitations etc. All things that can lead to pain in our body. When you think of a personal trainer you may picture weight lifting and pain. My training isn’t like that. My goal is to help you reduce any pains you may have. You may feel some next day soreness from our workouts, but our goal will be to balance your body.

Together we can work towards your goals, and a healthier life with less pain or even no more pain. Don’t let pain stop you from enjoying all the beauty around us.
  • Do you want to reduce knee pain?
  • Do you want to reduce neck pain?
  • Have you stopped walking cause of pain?
  • Have you stopped biking cause of pain?
  • Are you feeling like you can’t keep up with your kids?
  • Do you want to reduce back pain?
  • Do you want to reduce hip pain?
  • Have you stopped running cause of pain?
  • Do you go to bed with pain?
  • Do you wake with pain?
  • Do you have constant headaches?

Dealing with pain can feel like a very lonely place. You may find it hard to find anyone who can relate, or understand what you are going through. Pain isn’t always visible to those around us, and it can become an invisible illness that makes us feel like we have to hide it from others. If you are slowly drawing away from the things you once loved doing because of pain, give me a call. We can’t always rid of our bodies of all it’s pains, but we can often make them much more manageable. And, for some they do achieve pain free status once their body is in proper balance. #ActualizePT

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