Is the cost of a Personal Trainer stopping you?

I’d say over 50% of the time when I ask people what makes them hesitate to hire a personal trainer they say COST. And that answer is twofold, either they think $65 for an hour with a personal trainer is too much for their budget, or they think $65 for an hour with a personal trainer doesn’t add enough value to their lives. So lets take minute to look at this.

How does $65 fit into a family budget.

  • It equals one dinner out to Boston Pizza with your spouse
  • It equals one woman’s hair cut at most salons
  • It equals the cost of one sweatshirt from Sport Check
  • It equals 1/2 to 1/5 the cost of what some hair processing like highlights can cost.
Can you give up one of these things throughout a month? If yes, than you can afford a personal trainer.
If the cost is still too much for your budget, and you don’t purchase any of these things to give up, then follow my blog for lots of free tips on how to help yourself. And give me a call when your budget becomes more flexible.
My goal is to help everyone get a little closer to a healthy lifestyle.

What goes into one hour of personal training? What’s the value?

  • As a Personal Trainer I spend approximately 1-2 hours preparing for the 1 hour session with the client.
  • Within your training hour you will learn several skills that will help you work out more effectively. In addition, you will be able to apply this knowledge to how you move in every day life and be at lower risk of injuries.
  • If you’re sore after cleaning, weeding, cooking, lifting things, those are all areas we can work to improve on.
  • A one hour training session can set you up for weeks of effective strength training.
  • A one hour training session can help identify any technique issues such as incorrect squatting technique. 10 perfect form squats count for a lot more than 100 using incorrect muscles, with poor form.
  • Showing your children that you place fitness as a priority in your life will help instill the same values in them. Children learn by example, there is a lot of value in that.
After your first training session the value of a personal trainer will become clear to you, if it isn’t already.

Cost saving tip – The per session price does decrease when you purchase multi session packages. Click for Pricing

Let’s lead by example!

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