Actualize Personal Training – Sept DEAL

For the month of September I am offering an amazing deal on my 3 session starter plan. September is the time to start new routines, and to remember how important your health is. If you’re reading this, then you’ve already accomplished Step 1 – deciding you need a change of pace. Step 2 – Give me a call for a free consultation. Step 3 – We get to work making you feel stronger and healthier.

Regular price $195, for the month of September on for $130.

This package is for all levels, and is in person training. This is how I start training with all new clients. These 3 sessions allow me the opportunity to connect with you and clearly understand your goals while also giving me the in-depth information I need to develop a plan that is specifically for you and your body.

The sessions will include the following in addition to strength training:

Postural Analysis, with exercises designed to correct muscle imbalance.

Stretching Program to increase your mobility, improve posture and help relieve aches and pains associated with tight muscles and muscle imbalance.

Abdominal Strengthening. Weak abdominal muscles can cause back pain, lymphatic problems, headaches and bad posture.

The first session:

  • Analyzing your present fitness and activity level
  • Doing postural assessments and range of motion assessments.  This evaluates any muscle or skeletal shifts and imbalances.  I will guide you through movements and observe any restrictions or imbalances.
  • Discussing goals
  • Discussing medical condition or limitations
  • Discussing Eating habits and food choices. I am not a dietitian or nutritionist but can provide some general tools and tips.

The second and third sessions:

  • I provide you with a work out plan made specifically for you based on my findings from the first session.
  • I plan with you how to incorporate daily fitness and workouts into your life.
  • You will learn several fun exercises that you can do at home or in a gym.
  • I will work through a set of the exercises with you to ensure you understand the proper form.
  • The third session will be time to work through any exercises we need to review, and a time for you to do the exercises while I assess your form and make suggestions for any needed corrections.

ONLY $130 for 3 sessions

Send me a message to purchase your 3 session package today. Or, to book a free consultation. All consultations are being done over the phone, by zoom, or in an open air environment.

Actualize Personal Training – How can a Personal Trainer help you?

There are so many ways that a personal trainer can help you, but for today I’ll focus on one specific reason – Increasing Range of Motion (ROM). With a qualified personal trainer that performs body assessments like me, I can identify Range of Motion restrictions you may, or may not even know you have. Once a ROM restriction or limitation is identified I incorporate exercises and stretches that will help the joint’s ROM improve. Many times it can take weeks to see improvements, other times I’m able to share a stretching technique that can help rather immediately to improve the ROM.

Today I’ll use my husband as an example, as he was part of my motivation for becoming a personal trainer. He injured several of his lower lumbar discs causing bulging discs. (It’s important to note that if this type of injury occurs you must seek medical advice from an MD, possibly have an MRI performed, and receive medical authorization to work out) Over several weeks I had him perform specific exercises and stretches that increased his ROM in a forward bend dramatically. When he first started he couldn’t bend over without causing intense pain, and couldn’t even make it to 45 degree forward flexion.. You can see from the images below his improvement over 2 week (1st to 2nd image) and his improvement over months (2nd to 3rd image). Also note how he no longer requires a dramatic bend in his knees to bend forward.

As an added bonus to working with me not only can you see improvements over weeks and months but I also have techniques I can teach you that can often help you feel better rather immediately. Below you will see the change in how far the client can bend forward after performing a stretching technique for ONLY 90 seconds.

So my number one answer to the question of “How can a personal trainer help you?” is.

I am a personal trainer that is invested you. The way I work as a personal trainer is to provide you with the guidance and care that is specific to your needs. There is a lot general guidance on how to improve disc pain, and my husband had tried nearly all of them before I became a Personal Trainer. But, none provided the relief or improvement he sought. The guidance he received was too general and not specific enough to how he was limited and what aggravated his injury. It wasn’t until I stepped in as a Certified Personal Trainer and developed a specific plan for him that he started to see notable improvement within weeks. #ActualizePT

Actualize Personal Training – How long till you loose strength?

Did you know that after taking just 2-3 weeks off of working out you start to loose muscle strength! You will be able to reach your peak fitness levels faster after a break, than when you first began training. But, still best to try and not loose it to start with. 

So basically, what you worked towards last year won’t automatically still be there if you haven’t worked out in the last few weeks.

Maintaining good health and strength requires commitment there’s no denying it.

Even my son who is fascinated with his new muscle development understands the importance of daily exercise. It’s important in my eyes to get kids excited about being active, and understanding the strength they can develop. Building this into their values at a young age will make it easier for them to sustain those values as adults.

Actualize Personal Training – Making time…for you, for feeling good.

I don’t know about you but one of the biggest struggles I’ve had and that I’ve seen my clients have, is making time for themselves. Life as an adult becomes so go go go, especially if you have children.  We often find it hard to justify making time to work out. But, it’s the greatest disservice we could ever do to ourselves.  Staying fit is not only good for the body, but it’s good for the mind.  In addition, it makes you a great role model for those around you.  I can’t always find time every day to work out in my gym, but I do my best to always do something active every day. Even when we have a beach day I make sure to show my kids how they can mix fitness and fun.  Plus, I show them how the fun I can have is due to my fitness. It’s so important to remind yourself that your fitness and health is not only a must for you, but a must to ensure you can continue to live an active life with those around you.  You are worth the 30-60 minutes a day, so make the time for you. #ActualizePt

Actualize Personal Training Victoria BC fitness

Age is just a number

Age shouldn’t be an excuse for not starting a workout routine. I can develop a plan for adults at any age. If you think it’s too late for you and you can’t make a difference now, you’re wrong. Increasing bone density by strength training doesn’t have a capped age limit. Furthermore, as we age and our cholesterol tends to become more of an issue, weigh training and cardio workouts can help you get control over that, and hopefully avoid the need for pharmaceutical interventions. If you’re heart could speak, it would tell you that at any age movement will make it feel better.

I can develop gym programs, but also home based workout plans that don’t require any machines. Contact me for On-line Virtual Training options too.

Actualize Personal Training Victoria BC Fitness Training #ActualizePT
Actualize Personal Training Victoria BC Fitness Training #ActualizePT

FREE Consultation

Contact me today for a free 30 minute consultation. Consultations can be via phone, zoom, or in open air environment.

Why hire me as a personal trainer?

  • I provide a full body assessment. During this assessment I will evaluate your joints and muscles, assess your Range of Motion, and identify any imbalances that I can help correct.
  • I take the time to listen to your goals, and make a plan that suits you.
  • I will push you just enough when you need it.
  • I understand living with medical conditions and am well equipped to help you continue to work out even in your worst state.
  • I will work within your schedule and availability
  • I am approachable, kind, compassionate, and very well educated. All traits that help me make a true impact in your life.
  • I have been through my own struggles including; weight gain, muscle weakness, anxiety, poor self esteem and fear for the future. All moments of despair that I now use as motivation to stay as strong as I am, and encourage others to do so to… I’ve been there.
  • I am truly passionate about being a personal trainer because I am a living example of how much better life can get when you get fit.

I raise my children to believe they can be anything they want to be, and I encourage my clients to believe the same.

Actualize Personal Training Victoria BC #ActualizePT
My little Superhero

I’m Camille and I’m looking forward to helping you make your dreams a reality.

I chose the name ACTUALIZE because it’s the one word that could bring together all the passions I have for this business. It says make real, be true, act, move, achieve, you are ACTUALLY worth it. I became a personal trainer because I believe I can help others make their dreams and goals a reality.

My top priorities in life are to stay healthy, to stay strong, and to enjoy all the goofy moments I can with my children.

Actualize Personal Training Victoria BC #ActualizePT
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